Internship for Local College Students

Panyanivej Farm has signed an MOU with the Vientiane Technical School to provide internships for agricultural students. The interns spend up to four months on the farm, where they learn about integrated farming techniques from our team. Interns then get their own vegetable plots where they can apply the Panyanivej farming methods. They keep a record of their work and submit a report at the end of their internship. They are also required by their school to implement their knowledge in their school garden when the return. Interns are also trained in facilitation skills to run training workshops, as well as to conduct farm visits.

Learn about how to raise earthworms by invited guest.

Each year, Panyanivej support at least 8 internship students in terms of financial and learning process. After they completed their program, they have improvement on their leadership skill, the awareness on value and techniques of doing organic farming, designing and reporting an experimental project, organizing an eco-tour program.

Labeling vegetables on their experiment plots.