Outdoor Classroom for Students and Children

Panyanivej value the endless source of learning and the biodiversity of the natural ecosystem. A farm is one of the best out-door classrooms for children to discover and develop their value and awareness of themselves, as well as the world around them.

We design hands-on programs for children from age kindergartento highschool, according to our philosophy of Holistic Education, where we understand that a person’s mind and body are interconnected and joyful learning is a key; just like human beings and all living things in nature (human is part of the nature).

  • Students are placed in small groups to experience working in the padi field and the garden based on integrated farming techniques;
  • Depending on the season, they learn to plant padi or to harvest rice;
  • They make art and craft using materials sourced from the farm;
  • Students harvest vegetables and prepare a meal together;

At the end of the visit, facilitators guide students to reflect on their experience and to discuss about sustainability.